TAP (Thick Ada-Prolog) Bindings

Alexander Kopilovitch
aek@acm.org or aek@vib.usr.pu.ru

August 2002

The TAP bindings provide an opportunity to use Prolog in conjunction with Ada. Specificaly, the TAP bindings wrap the Amzi Logic Server API into Ada 95 packages, making possible to use Prolog queries in Ada programs, and to use Ada subroutines as the external predicates for a Prolog program.

These TAP bindings are "thick" in that sense that they aren't an immediate translation between Ada subroutine calls and Logic Server API, but provide an additional layer, which exposes more conventional view on the Prolog workings.

These bindings assume GNAT compiler (version 3.13p or 3.14p) for Ada side,
and Amzi Logic Server (version 6.2 from the build 6.2.10, see http://www.amzi.com) for Prolog side.

See the TAP manual, and the TAP tutorial.

Also, see the copyright notice, readme.1st, and Release Notes.

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