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Download Graphlink (Component + Help + Demo = approx. 600K)

The TGraphLink component is designed to represent and display graph edge for both directed and undirected graphs in a Borland Delphi (or C++ Builder) program. It is a line connecting two points (nodes) and optional one or two arrows on this line.

You can change:
- the line attributes (width, color etc.)
- arrow's style and attributes (color and size)
- arrow location on the edge.

Also you may use additional run-time capabilities:
- the edge nodes can be defined by controls
- the edge line can be multi-segment, i.e. polyline.
- you can determine if the point is on the graph edge.
- you can evaluate the exact point on edge - the nearest to an arbitrary given point.

OnMouseDown event for this component occurs when you press a mouse button with the mouse pointer on line or arrow representing the graph edge, NOT on the whole control rectangle.

Various common control properties are available and several specific properties, methods and events are defined and implemented.

Registration Information.

The TGraphLink component is shareware.
Registered users receive complete source code and Help sources (.rtf and .hpj) by e-mail and are entitled to receive free upgrades.

In order to register, send a check or cash for $50 payable to

Tarkvara Inc.
978 Westlynn Way #1
Cupertino CA 95014

along with e-mail specifying your name and e-mail address.

Alternatively, you may use a credit card for registration via either DigiBuy
service or ShareIt! service (this method of paying adds $5 to a price giving $55 total):

1. Registration via DigiBuy service:

You can register the TGraphLink component over the Internet from DigiBuy (product 93439625759) with any major credit card.  As soon as DigiBuy notifies me that your order has been processed, I will send you complete sources of the TGraphLink component and Help source files. Use the following URL:


2. Registration via ShareIt! service:

You can register TGraphLink component online on the Internet at the following URL:


Alternatively, you can go to http://www.shareit.com  and enter the program number there: 131257.


Author of the TGraphLink component: Elena Lisenenkova