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The main purpose of TConsole component is to facilitate testing and debugging process by providing convenient device for tracing (both visually and by recording onto appointed disk file).
TConsole component imitates a classic console. It uses its own form (which is dynamically created) with a Memo control on it displaying lines that are passed to the Console both by a program and by a user, and an Edit control for entering user input. At design time TConsole is a non-visual component.

Registration Information.

The TConsole component is shareware.
Registered users receive complete source code and Help sources (.rtf and .hpj) by e-mail and are entitled to receive free upgrades.

In order to register, send a check or cash for $20 payable to

Tarkvara Inc.
978 Westlynn Way #1
Cupertino CA 95014

along with e-mail specifying your name and e-mail address.

Alternatively, you may use a credit card for registration via PsL service

You can register the TConsole component over the Internet from PsL (product #30695) with any major credit card. As soon as PsL notifies me that your order has been processed, I will send you complete sources of the TConsole component.

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Backup server If the server above is not accessible, use this order server.

Author of the TConsole component: Alexander Kopilovitch

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