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All components, objects and tools presented here are for use with Borland/Inprise Delphi and C++ Builder products.

Name Type Status Sources Comment
TGraphLink component shareware upon registration line with optional arrow(s)
TResumer component freeware upon request deferred activation of an action
TDispatcher component shareware upon registration queue of deferred actions
TSightPoint component freeware upon request setting/marking point device
TLoopButton component shareware upon registration button with a repeater
PEnamInt property editor freeware included property editor for enumerations
Selected Components expert freeware included writes names of selected components to the Clipboard
TConsole component shareware upon registration tracing and logging device
TKinComponentList object/property editor shareware upon registration design/run-time list of TComponents and property editor for it
TPlacement component freeware included save/restore placements and sizes of controls
TDropStar component freeware included drop-down star of rays to controls

Last updated 10-May-99